Ice Racing in Finland, 1960ies

I have received some pretty cool “home videos” from Mikko Parikka (check the earlier post).

As I told before his father Sakari Parikka was a rally driver and mechanic. But he was also interested in filming home movies. As it happens – Sakari filmed a bunch of 8 mm films in 1960ies. And in color! No sound though, as it came later when Super8 film cameras came out.

But, there’s some pretty cool stuff here. I’m going to publish a bunch of films I have scanned and cut together. This is the first film – a collection of ice racing footage from the 1960ies. Sakari had a cream-colored Saab 93 which can be seen on the film, but there’s also footage of other cars, such as the Mercedes of Onni Vilkas.

I have scanned some footage of the Rally Of The Thousand Lakes 1962. I will edit and publish it next. (Hopefully in a few days or a weeks time).

But the real treat is four long reels of amateur film footage of the 1961 to 1963 Monte Carlo Rallies! Yes – Sakari had his camera with him on all those tours, and he used it. There’s some pretty rare footage on those reels and I’m thinking of editing them into a more cohesive story, with some background info included. So – publishing those will take a longer time, but I want to do justice to this material.

Here’s first of the films – Ice Racing in Finland in the 1960ies

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  1. Hello Tommi, What a great gift of all the old videos of ice racing in the 60ies. I saw the Saab 93 and also many Mini Coopers racing as well. Looking forward to the next reel. Keep up the good work. Also how is your Rally car coming along?. Great paint job, great colors as well. You will not be able to hide from anyone in that car, but all they will be able to see is the trunk and you leading the pack.
    Thanks again Tommi, Bill from the USA

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