National Classic Car Day 2012 Finland – Saab 95 1961

A fellow Saab Club member Vesa brought in his 1961 two stroke Saab 95 Wagon – a seven seater.

The car is in original unrestored condition except for some touch up paint in the engine room. Very nice patina for a 50+ year old Saab!

Vesa has owned the car for several years waiting for him to get a driver’s license (in Finland you get the license at 18 years). As he got the license this spring the 95 was put back on the road after a long hibernation. Nice to see it go. And I bet it will see the roads often as Vesa “much prefers” it to his Saab 9000 and uses it as his daily driver to work.

Here’s a bit of video (some driving footage also) and pictures:

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