Non-Saab Side Project – A Singer Sewing Machine Tractor

I decided to do a few small side projects. Restoration tends to get a bit monotonous so it’s nice to do something else every now and again.

The first “project” was to clean up an old Monitor blow torch I got. It was relatively simple. I took it apart and used some old cleaning compound to clean it up and used rust converter on the heat shield (it’s made of steel where as rest of the components are brass). Took some doing but I think it came out nice. I deliberately left most of the “patina” and didn’t try get a mirror finish.

The other project was just having some fun with an old Singer sewing machine. It was completely toast and missing parts already and I was thinking about throwing it away. But then I had the idea to make “sewing machine tractor” out of it and some old junk parts. Most effort went into finding suitable wheels (damaged Saab Sport drive shaft parts), some rusty bearings from a two stroke gearbox, wheels from a broken hydraulic jack and also some of the parts from the Singer itself. The steering wheel I welded of bicycle chain. Basically my take on junk “art” 😀

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