Oldtimer Praxis Saab 96 Restoration magazines

Ok. This is old news, but I only just got hold of the Oltimer Markt / Oldtimer Praxis Restaurieren 1 and 2 special numbers that came out already in 2010. I didn’t try to get the magazines back in 2010 for some reason. But I’m really happy I got them now (Thanks to Petri Petrie in Germany).

The restoration specials follow a nuts and bolts professional restoration of a two-stroke Saab 96. Ofcourse the texts are in german, but even if you only look at the photos you will get an extremely good idea what it takes to restore a car. I don’t speak german all that great and I have done a few Saabs already, but there were still a few tips and tricks I found even on a cursory reading. So I think I will spend a few evenings for a more complete read-through…

If you can get your hands on these magazines I urge you to get them.





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