Part 18. Cabin

Some progress again after a lengthy break:

The whole floor was changed earlier which was a major operation. Now it’s getting the finishing touches before painting.
saab-96-floor saab-96-floor2

Below is a pic of the floor as it was originally. Not much metal left underneath the paint…
Corrosion was sanded off the roof and it was further straightened and smoothed (some old collision damage).
Looks pretty nice to me… 😉

saab-96-paint5 saab-96-paint4

I also got the crankshaft I sent for restoration earlier!

New main bearings and new connection rod big end bearings with new purpose machined crankpins.

And here’s the pistons, they are used but should be ok.

The guy who did the crankshaft restoration was also kind enough to facilitate some parts (Thanks Lasse!):
A handle for the front curtain, I have to check if that’s original though. (As it turned out, it’s not original, so I have no use for this…)

Some stuff mainly for the doors (locks, handles, etc)

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