Part 40. Body completed

All welding on the body is now done!

The final pieces that went on:

Stone guard on the left hand side.

And the right.

The two piece mounting bracket and the bottom half of the stone guard were practically corroded away, so they have been fabricated from sheet metal.

The top section of the back seat support was also replaced.

Wow! What a milestone! It feels so nice that the body is now complete.

Ofcourse there’s still a lot to be done, but some things are starting to look quite ok:

Note the little holes in the center of the lid for the old school SAAB airplane badge 🙂

Driver side door getting a coating of primer. This is the modified Saab 93 door.



But there’s still plenty to do:

The welding may be done, but there’s still some cleaning and filling to do before I can start painting the body. Also, I have to go through the seams with body sealant before paint.

The main goal is to get the body painted (final overcoat) this summer. That way I can start putting stuff in during the winter (when painting is not possible).

I haven’t been able to have a real holiday for the last couple of years because of the firm, but this summer I am taking a full month! So I am pretty confident that I can get this done.

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