Part 44. Prepare for paint continued

The side panels are starting to look ok:

I realised that we really need to do the final fitting of the doors and fenders before I spray the overcoat on the car. It will take some time, so I’m not all that confident that I will have time to spray the car this summer. We’ll see.

Some of the fenders needed extensive rust repairs, so they aren’t really the best possible fit. And there was also some old collision damages.

Some sections of the left rear fender were pretty badly out of shape and needed to be cut open and re-welded. It also required a couple of hours of work to beat the fender to correct shape.




The right rear fender was too far gone so I sourced a better one from a fellow Saabist (But if I don’t get my car back I can’t go to pick it up…)

The left front fender wasn’t really bad at all. It needed some corrosion repairs, but not as much as the others:




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