Part 69. Various pieces painted.

I have finally had sufficient time to start painting the various parts that didn’t get painted last year:

So, as you see from the photos I will not have the bumpers chromed. There’s not much sense in it since they were in a really bad shape and required extensive welding and repairs. Making them fit for chrome would be a huge operation.

So, I’ll keep an eye out for good bumpers but will use the painted ones for the time being.

I also tried to source some windscreen and rear window rubber seals from UK (it seems that all the old stocks in Finland have been sold out). I found a supplier but the price was a bit steep at £15 per meter + postage to Finland. I decided to ask a fellow Saabguy Eirik if he knew anyone in Sweden who could maybe supply the seals. A few days later he sent me an SMS that a couple of used but very good seals were availalble. So I ordered those. If they turn out to be bad I’ll then order the ones from UK I guess…

The seals from Sweden are from parted out early V4 95s which had similar seal than two strokes, but the bigger wind screen. Apparently rubber used in V4 95s is much better quality than the two stroke ones and as such last flexible a lot longer (and will not crumble to pieces like the stroker ones).

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