Part 71. Seats and stuff…

The seats and interior side panels were pretty much shot in my car. I have been able find only miscellaneous scraps from which I was going to assemble a new interior.

But, before summer I got in touch with a fellow “saabsti” who said that he might have some interior bits and pieces, including some Monte Carlo seats! He wasn’t shure about the condition, but invited me to come and see and take what I need if I found anything useful. As I arrived I was naturally most interested about the Monte Carlo seats. They turned out to be re-upholstered, but in good condition as such. Not as pretty as the originals ofcourse, but I now have Monte seat frames. I figured I will clean them up and use them as such for the time being and have them re-upholstered to the original specs at a later time.

I also got some door panels and rear side panels. The rear side panels will do nicely after cleaning but since they are a bit warped out of shape I need to put them under some weights to straighten them out.

I also got two complete rear seats. Both in very good condition, only thorough cleaning needed.

There was a ton of all sorts of interesting stuff left behind because I couldn’t squeeze them into the 900 Combi… – I think I need to pay the guy another visit… 🙂

Some pics:

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