Part 72. Front directional lights

The directional lights in front were not in a good shape. The plastic body was ok but the lamp sockets had rusted useless. I thought about finding new replacements but then a couple extra Saab 900 side directional lights came my way… The lights in the shortnose and the OG are similar in shape but different in size, which got me thinking – would the OG light fit inside the stroker casing? It did with verry little work:

I cut away the old lamp sockets.

Then I closed the hole with a piece of plastic and drilled another one for the OG900 blinker…

That looks like a neat fit… I’ll trim down the patch and seal the whole thing with seaming combound. Makes it easy to change the light bulb too… 🙂

Doesn’t look bad to my eye. Ofcourse I could have used a clear side light but orange is nice also.

Finnish law requires that there is parking light as well as headlights and directional lights. Originally the parking light is the same lamp as the directional light so that will not work anymore. I will replace the original headlights (with the old style light bulbs) with H4 assemblies that have integrated parking lights.

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