Part 73. Updates – mainly front lights

I wasn’t really satisfied with the directional light mods I did earlier – so I did a few changes that I think work better and suit the car better (not that they are visible).

I took off the ugly patch I made earlier and inserted a proper rubber seal into the hole.
I then used some black silicon rubber to "glue" the 900 light in place.
And also to seal the rubber blug. I think that will work ok.

I also installed the headlights.

New H4 headlights with parking lights.
Tapping out the attachment iron threads.
Fitting the attachment iron and chrome
Punching out the paper seals for the attachment iron.
The little paper "seals" go here - between the support ring and the chrome ring. I don't actually know exactly why they are there - maybe to act as an "insulator" (corrosion protection) between the black attachment iron and the zinc plated piece on the chrome ring. Or maybe they just keep the screw from falling if it becomes loose...
No lights yet. Aluminium list are installed.
The little mounting rubber.
Headlight unit in place (also the adjustment screws with springs).
Here we go. Not the correct position yet - needs adjustment.
And the other side.

We also fitted some other pieces:

The air scoop.
The rubber seal had shrunk so we glued two seals together to get a sufficiently long one.
Trunk handle. Ok condition - not perfect. Maybe I can find a better one some day...
Minor issues. The window rubber seals have shrunk also. But I think we may be able to stretch them by gluing them in a bit by bit.

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