Pertronix breakerless ignition for the two stroke

Niklas Enander from had a little boutique at the IntSaab2011 event selling various performance parts for the two stroke and V4. I decided to buy the Pertronix breakerless ignition kit for the two stroke just to minimize any ignition problems and improve reliability.

There’s two versions of the kit for two strokes – one for Saabs with the vacuum hose that goes from the firewall to the distributor and one for those without. I don’t know what the difference is but apparently there is a difference since there’s two kits. The kit cost around 180 euros so it’s not exactly cheap.

So, dad decided to install it and here’s a few pics.

The distributor was taken apart, cleaned, lubricated etc. Also, dad went through all the spare distributors we had and sourced better gears.

In dad’s opinion the Pertronix was quite easy to fit and the car also started right up after installation. The car runs pretty nice now, but I still wish new gears for the distributor were availlable.

I asked Niklas if there are any plans for manufacturing new gears for the two stroke distributor but the answer was no since they would be very expensive to have manufactured. Apparently the design is pretty difficult and requires special machining.

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