Saab 95-96 Manual 1964


Download manual here (PDF, 66.2 Mb)

Saab 95/96 full Service Manual 1964. In English. No login required, just wait for the preview to load and click “download”.

(This pdf was originally online at, but since it has disappeared, I have posted it here.)


  1. Micke

    Hi 🙂 just bought me a 96 v4 -77 🙂
    i stumbled across your saab site and found some manuals, and were wondering if you know how i could get my hands on a manual for 77 year model on pdf. i have it on book but could really use it on the computor too 🙂
    Please drop me an email if you have any idéas

  2. Tommi Järvinen

    The link works for me (tested on Firefox and Chrome).

    It is a big file so it may take a long time to load.

    Microsoft SkyDrive seems to have a problem with Android phones though…



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