Saab 95 V4 1969

This guy I once met told me that there is a Saab 95 rusting away in a forest near where I live. It took me almost six months but I finally went to see it, just in case it would be worth saving. The car turned out to be a Saab 95 V4 wagon (registered for two).

This particular model year (1969) is exceedingly rare here in Finland, so come the spring, I will go and get it. The process of tracking down previous owners is going on, as a reliable history of the car has to be presented to get it registered after renovation.

So here’s a few pics from my excursion:

Here’s propably the correct color for the car, B6L Husarblå (Hussar blue):


The car in the picture is a bit older model, but it really shows what a magnificent car this would be fully restored!

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