Saab 96 V4 1700S 1974

Here’s one of the more rare Saab 96 models I saw at the Saab Festival – Saab 96 1700S.

The info card on the car said there was only 83 Saab 1700S made in 1974 and 1975. But in a Klassiker magazine I have it is stated that between 120 to 150 were made. Anyhow – it’s still a very rare model and presumably as few as two 1700S have been restored to their former glory so far. This one is owned by Anders Jensen.

The cars were standard 96 V4 that were modified and tuned by the Saab competition department in Trollhättan. Following modifications were made by the mechanics at the competition department:
– 1.7 litre engine lightly tuned, 90 hp.
– upgraded chassis
– leather Sport&Rally steering wheel
– tachometer
– aluminium rims (football rims)
– Simons rally exhaust system
– rally stripes

All cars were painted Indian yellow. This model was only available in Sweden.


  1. MOhan Kalsi

    Hi Tommi,
    this was indeed an interesting article to read. Looks like the 1700 models were also made in the RHD versions for the UK market. I happen to own a 1700 model which I am looking to restore to its former glory.

  2. Burkhard Verhaelen

    Hi . I am Loking for such a fantastic 96 1700S , How can I recognize that it is a original 1700 s ? , are there chassinumberlists avaylable ?
    Thanks for your Help

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