Saab 99 Turbo 1978 For Sale


A friend of mine is putting for sale a 1978 Saab 99 Turbo with some pretty rare extras. Description and images from the seller below.

–       Rare 99 Turbo M78 for Sale
–       Original 245000km only
–       “Fits number” Engine and Gearbox
–       With all those speciality which only are M78 Turbo`s ! :

– Reinforced S-gearbox
– Bigger 3-row radiator (many M78 nowadays has only standard 2- row !)
– Steel water hose to radiator
– Wheel centrix washer in front wheel hubs

Technic has been restored in 90`s for 5000€ :
–       Engine was totally rebuild including new waterpump
–       New original 3-row Radiator
–       Oil cooler and hoses are new
–       Original S-gearbox is repaired with new bearings and synchros
–       New shocks
–       New rally springs
–       New 2,5” Exhaust

Some bodyworks need to do. I haven’t time to do this car so it seeks new home. There is some failure in fuel Injection due to Statoil miss mixed lead substitute in late 90`s. Anyway its very good beginning to make fabulous Saab Ur Turbo showroom condition again.


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    A few details more:

    The front spoiler is of the EMS type which is easy to convert to the Turbo one (they used the same mould). The rear wing is of the Saab Sport and Rally type – very rare! Rust free doors & bonnet come with the car. The price is negotiable based on which of these are included.

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