Saabfestival in Trollhättan – May 31 to June 2nd 2013

I am seriously thinking about going to the Saabfestival in Trollhättan ( this year. And driving there with the ’64 stroker.

It’s not a bad trip, 200 km drive in Finland, ferry over to Sweden, and then some 400-500 km drive (depending on the route) from Stockholm to Trollhättan.

Tikkis is planning on bringing his bullnose also – he’s currently fixing it up as it has not been driven in 20-some years… So it would most likely be a very nice trip. Two “old timers” with two-stroke Saabs, making a lot of smoke!

I need to do drive the stroker some more before the trip though to get it a bit more reliable! And most likely I’ll drop a spare engine in the trunk just in case… 😀

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