For sale – Saab promotional postcards and photos

I was going through a few storage boxes at home and found a bunch of Saab promo postcards and photos. If anyones interested the price is 3 € per card + postage. The cards are a little larger than the standard postcard size.

Send me an email if interested:

And some other stuff also for sale (Finnish Saab stuff):


Saab Myynti- ja huoltopisteet / kartta, muistaakseni 1975(?).  [SOLD / MYYTY]


Saab 96 L Super 1977 B – hanskalokerokirjan täydennysosa.  [SOLD / MYYTY]


96 V4 hanskalokerokansio. Hieman tarrasta jäänyt tahraa kanteen, mutta lähtenee helposti.  [SOLD / MYYTY]

Turbogeeniesite, 5 €, sis. postikulut


På Svenska! 96GL/95GL esite 1978. 15 € sis postikulut.


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