Steering rack problems – two-stroke

It’s time to do some spring maintenance on the two-stroke. The most important thing  I had on the to-do list was the steering rack. There was clearly some play on the rack. Not good.

I also wanted to fit the lambda gauge I bought last summer.

The first thing to do was to pull the engine:

Next job was to weld a fitting for the lambda sensor on the exhaust pipe:

Once the steering rack was removed it was pretty easy to figure out what was wrong. But we still needed to take the rack apart to see if there’s anything to be done about it:

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  1. Tommi, great job of repairing or replacing worn out parts. Keep up the good work, as I am learning a tremendous amount of knowledge about Vintage Saabs. recently about the free wheel in a two stroke is much stronger than the V-4 free wheel. Now you have me looking for a the two cycle transmission. Keep the photos coming also. thanks Tommi Bill…Cheers

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