Part 59. An adapter for the water hose

The water hoses on the car require quite a lot of tinkering, since there are no hoses that would fit directly. Here’s a few pics of an adapter that allows two 18mm hoses to connect to a 32 mm hose:

The hoses are needed to transport water from the radiator to the water pump so the flow must be pretty good. Also the hose cannot be too near to the exhaust pipe.

The hose is from some japanese car (perfect shape for this spot), the adapter body is propably a Ford thermostat casing.
The bracket was made from a Saab 96 alternator support iron 🙂

Also the upper hose needed some adaptation. It still needs a fitting for the fan sensor.

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  1. John Eastman

    Hi Tommi
    Recently I had my radiator for my ’64 96 cleaned and repaired. What is the hose diameter from the bottom of the radiator to the top of the heater box? Regular 3/4 NAPA rubber hose seems too big and I can’t tighten the hose clamp tight enough to get it to stop dripping. Is it a metric size?

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