Brake master cylinder replaced

Time to get the Saab 900 T8 Special out of the garage (it hasn’t been driven in 6 months…). There’s a Saab Club spring event a week from now so I need to fix a few things and get it on the road:

I had to change the brake master cylinder. I got a good replacement from the spare parts car – so I decided to use it rather than buy a new one (even though they are pretty cheap).

The old master cylinder
The old master cylinder
The used but good replacement (with new seals)
The used but good replacement (with new seals)

Changing the master cylinder on the 900 is easy, just a few bolts – but bleeding the brakes afterwards turned out to be a bit tricky.

Bleeding the brakes

Only two of the four calipers could be bled with the vacuum pump – somebody had broken off the other bleedscrews on the two other calipers!

Actually it took quite a lot of persuation to get the two intact screws open but I finally succeeded. The other two calipers had to be bled from the brakeline nuts.

New calipers only cost around 60 euros each so I think those are now on the purchase list.

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