Building an English Wheel

I’ve been wanting an English Wheel for a long time, but they are pretty costly pieces of equipment, and I didn’t have room for one earlier. But some suitable scrap metal came my way and I decided to use it to build one – thus saving a a little money. Of course you can get a made-in-china English Wheel for about 400 to 500 euro, but I really didn’t like spending that much. So – we made use of what ever metal we had.

There’s a ton of instructions on making an English Wheel on the internet so this is not a tutorial on how to make one. Just a few pics of what we did.

There’s also a ton of videos on how to use one on Youtube, so check those out if you want more info. That’s basically how I figured this stuff out.

So – all in all – by making the English Wheel by ourselves we saved a little money and it was actually fun to figure out everything. The total cost was about 200 to 250 euro.


  1. Good work Tommi, What you just built does not surprise me, as I have watched your video’s and blog posts for quite some time. If you need something to make your work easier, you will either find it or build it. Again good work. It would be nice if a lot of parts you put on your rally car were available here, but so far no luck. Keep up the good work.Bill

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