International Saab Meeting 2016 in Sweden

The International Saab Meeting 2016 will be held in Sweden. I will be there and have already registered. IntSaab seems as popular as ever as the registration remained open for a very short time – only a day or two – before the places filling up.

Most of the action seems to be around Vadstena and Linköping. At the moment I think I’ll be staying at the Camping site in a tent. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to attend any of the Pre-Tours. The main event for me will be the track day in Linköping but I also hope to find a bunch of Saab parts to take back home.

See you there! Let’s hope the weather will be better than last years Saab Festival…


International Saab Club Meeting 2016 in Sweden
International Saab Club Meeting 2016 in Sweden

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