Saab Sport & two stroke gear box restoration

I’m taking a break from the Saab 99 turbo metal work. Just to do something else for a while I decided to inspect and repair some two stroke gearboxes. Also a friend asked me to fix his shortnose 95 noisy gearbox.

Finding the necessary bearings was not exactly easy. I did have some new bearings and components that I used on the Saab Sport rally car gearbox. Some are simply not availlabe, like the 25x29x28 mm 2nd gear needle bearings. I needed to find a suitable replacement.

I also did a spare box for the Sport. I got offered a V4 Special 1 drive gears. Fitting them in a two stroke gearbox required using some bearings and the side axle from a V4 box.

The 1964 Saab Sport gearbox

Some of the other gearboxes


    • Tommi Järvinen

      Thanks for the comment Gerald! I’m very happy that the two stroke and Sport gearboxes are now pretty much sorted. Now I can store them properly to wait for future use. Tommi

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