IntSaab2012 road trip – Odense, Denmark

Here we are – in Odense, Denmark!

Yesterday we boarded Silja Europa in Turku, Finland and it arrived today 6 am at Stockholm, Sweden. We pretty much took to the roads straight away, starting the 811 kilometer drive to Odense, Denmark.

The drive went very well except for a little credit card trouble at a Swedish petrol station. Also, we managed to drive through Sweden only seeing one OG900! They are getting rarer there too. But on the positive side I saw a very nice Saab 99 in Odense and managed to even snap a (half of a) picture of it.

It was really nice to see the two great bridges connecting Sweden to Denmark and the Danish island of Zeeland to Funen and the mainland Denmark.

Our 900i has so far functioned well – no problems (knocking on wood…). Hopefully it will keep up the great work and we get to Spa in schedule. That means driving through Germany a total of 836 kilometers tomorrow.

So – hopefully we see the other Finnish teams (17 cars in total) in Spa!

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