IntSaab2012 road trip – Spa, Belgium

We have arrived in Spa, Belgium!

The drive from Odense through Germany was pretty un-eventful. The only noteworthy event was when a pigeon hit the car on the motorway, did a somersault, and continued flying on its merry way. …and we did manage to see a few Saabs also!

We did a little detour to Kiel on the way towards Hamburg. There was quite a bit of traffic near Hamburg but all in all we got through relatively well.

Driving on there was a spot of bad weather with some rain. But majority of the trip went in fine weather.

Arriving at Spa in the evening there were already some Finns in front of the hotel having some dinner. We checked in and joined them for a little chat and a late meal.

Time for bed though. Event start tomorrow!


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