Part 3. Triple Carburettor

I’m planning on putting in a 1965-66 engine with a few “extras”, namely a sport exhaust and the famous triple throat carburetor (Oh, the noise will be glorious!).


Here’s a few shots of the carburetor setup (uncleaned). I plan on changing all gaskets, and making sure that everything is nice and tight.

It’s quite a piece of work. A single throttle body is shared by three carburetors. The throttle spindle runs through the body, turning all three throttle plates simultaneously.

The middle carburetor throat has the cold starter.

Now I just have to find a suitable engine block (You can’t bolt this on the standard block). Thankfully I have a few leads on those and should be able to get one.


I got hold of an old Sport exhaust, and immediately decided on taking it apart and building a new one after the model.


Regular exhaust on top, remains of the Sport exhaust at bottom.


Note the remains of the dual exhaust pipes of the Sport. The double exhaust pipes ran all the way to the rear, to a special silencer. That one I will have to make from scratch also.

Bullnose Rally Saab 96: Pasi Koskinen Racing (In Finnish)
Two Stroke Tuning parts: Classic Saab Racing


  1. Ramiro Balcarcel

    I have the original manual anthers of 1 carburetor model and I have no data from 1966 3 carburetors ,it is possible to know the details of this group of carburetors

  2. Bruce Henry

    Hi Tommi, I have the early 3 carb setup(1963) bullnose GT with the 3 separate throttle shafts. Any ideas on adjusting those carbs? I lost the idle circuit on number 2 and 3 carbs. I soaked all of them in carb cleaner and made sure the idle jets are not plugged. It is only idling on the number one carb. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks, Bruce

    • admin

      Hi Bruce!

      Did you remove and clean the inlet manifold also? The air channels in it for the idle circuit might be dirty also?

      I don’t know if you have the maintenance manual for the Sport/GT, but if you don’t download this:
      (big file, 66 Mb, but it has the GT section)

      The fuel system section starts at page 218 (there’s a picture on that page where you see the idle circuit channels). There’s info on adjusting the carbs on the following pages.

      It’s a pretty simple system so I’d guess there’s still some sort of blockage somewhere or the adjustment/sync is significantly off.

      To properly sync the carburettors you need a carb synchronizer tool or you need to have it adjusted somewhere. (Ideally you need to sync the carbs any time you take them off and put back in).

      Hope this helps,

      Best regards,


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