Part 4. Spare engine and on gearboxes

I bought this ’65-’66 engine for spare parts, but it appears to be in relatively good condition (internally). Maybe I’ll just clean it up and use it.
engine1 engine2

Update: I took the engine apart.


It’s in great shape! Even after spending years under a tree (in an abandoned longnose) and a couple of decades stored in a barn, it’s basically in running order. All bearings are tight, no damage. Cylinder walls are smooth.

After some more examination, it was determined that the propable reason the car was abandoned back then was air leakage in the carburetor. There was considerable play in the throttle pin which caused the engine to get too much air. Thankfully this has not caused so much overheating that the pistons would have seized.



I think I need new pistons and bearings…


Gearbox cleaned and painted.


Here’s how to differentiate the gearboxes:

4-speed gearbox for 2-strokers. Very simple, no raised lines on the differential case, “old style” drive shaft assembly and steel casing.

The 4-speed gearbox for newer strokers and early V4 (up to about 1967). Very easy to tell apart, there’s a huge “4” in the casing. This has the differential and drive shafts of a V4.

A different type of early 4-speed gearbox (approximately 1968).

The standard V4 gearbox, easy to tell apart from the earlier ones. Raised lines on the gearbox and differential case.


  1. Kit Dabadie

    You own a very interesting blog covering lots of topics I am interested as well.Just bookmarked your blog so I can read more in the next days… Please continue your great work

  2. m.s.mughal

    used to own one its now in pakistan fully restored
    anybody got one for sale
    the above project beutifully done -laborius but worth every penny
    did have a warburg as well

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