Part 33. Citric acid + painting the dash

We keep marching on… 😀

I tried using citric acid in cleaning some parts. I also zinc coated some of them myself. Worked out pretty good too! I think with some further testing I can clean and zinc coat (galvanize) all sorts of pieces myself.
Here are the parts in about 20% citric acid. The rust comes off nice.

And here are some of the same parts after cleaning. No mechanical cleaning or polishing done!

I first removed most rust and dirt with electrolysis and the finished off with mild citric acid.

Here are some parts after the zinc bath (sorry about the bad picture quality). They actually came out very nice. Great shine after polishing!

– – –

I cleaned and painted some of the original tools the other day.

And I also painted the dash (here in primer).

And the grey overcoat.

I know the red primer is a bad idea because the vent switches will eventually scratch the gray off. Well – I will just have to retouch it when that happens…

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