Part 45. Prepare for paint still continued

Some brogress on the project:

The left hand side rear fender coming along nicely.

A “new” right hand side fender (Many thanks Eirik!)

Only a little rust repair needed, otherwise a very good piece.

For the past week I’ve been working on the roof:

The rear part is pretty ok.

But there’s quite a lot of high spots in the front area. I can’t do much about those, I’ll just have to use putty to smooth them out…

I put on coat of primer to better see the shape. Pretty good looking, still needs a little filling and sanding, but the basic shape is fine.

– – –

2008-8-13 Update

I sprayed a layer of filler on the roof and inside the car on the surfaces that will be visible. I also put some body sealer on the seams in the engine room, so I will have to wait for it to dry before painting the engine room.


Tomorrow – more sanding! (Wet sanding this time. )

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