Part 52. Miscellaneous

I got the engine room wiring mostly sorted out. There isn’t that many differences after all.


I had made pretty good drawings when I took the car apart and I also have the wiring diagrams from the workshop handbook. All in all very simple but somewhat time consuming.

The ’66 fuse box has a few extra connections which will be left empty.

I also glued the foam seals on the heater unit.

Here too I had pretty good drawings on what goes where.

But as it turned out the air flow control unit was not entirely functional…

The turning blades that control where the air goes were all broken.

So now I have to figure out how to fix these…

I polished the blinker glasses (plastic). Unpolished on the left and polished on the right. Very fine valve grinding paste seemed to do the trick just fine.

And I bought new shock absorbers for the rear. Also new parking brake cables, brake shoes and brake lines.

As the rear end is almost identical to that of the V4 the parts were still relatively easy to find from the local car parts dealer.

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  1. Fabián Cros

    congratulations for your work .
    i am the owner of a 1965 SAAB 96 , three cylinders , two strokes, one carburator.
    it still works up, everything its okay, paint is bad,
    it was property of my father, since 1980.

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