Part 62. Brakes, windows, exhaust, …

A few updates on the project – We finally finished the brakes!

We put in the brake fluid but soon noticed that the original plastic brake fluid reservoir had a leak! And ofcourse there was no spare for it.

I asked around the Saabclub forum for a spare, but only got one offer (which was way too expensive for my taste). I was ready to try and find a modern replacement for it but as I told about the issue to my friend Vesa he said he has a spare older one if it will do…


Well, the part shure wasn’t new but despite the looks it actually held the fluid. So it was just a matter of cleaning it up and spraying a coat of paint:


And here it is installed and fullfilling it’s purpose perfectly:


The next step was to bleed the brakes.



Dad borrowed a vacuum brake bleeder unit from work which made the process easy. Allthough the bleeder did a pretty good job we needed to use the more traditional process of pumping the pedal to finalize the job.

Also, we had a few leaking nuts but those were easy to fix just by tightening them.

The brakes actually feel pretty good now!

We also finished the the coolant pipes.


Here’s the heat sensor for the fan.

And assembled the front section of the exhaust system:





And we did some more fitting – the rear windows fitting was finalized:






  1. Marios Ioannou

    Tommi thanks for your help to my problem… Very nice work here….
    I want to change the rubbers around the windows and doors like in your photos because mine is too old, I still have the original, do you know where I can order them?
    Best regards,
    Marios Ioannou.

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