Saab 96 1966 for spares

More spares

A couple of pics of the 1966 stroker I just bought for spare parts (It was not expensive, the guy was happy to get rid of the “junk”).


The body is shot, but a great deal of the interior is usable. That’s the main reason I bothered to go and get the car. But there’s also a complete engine, lists, set of wheels (the old riveted version) and a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately the bumpers are missing, those would have been a real bonus.

Getting the car

Back home – a closer inspection

67ia0061 67ia0059
The front grille is pretty complete and basically needs just a little hammering.
The interior is very complete and I think a great deal of it can be salvaged.

67i70048 67i70049
A complete engine with all the accessories. The radiator seems to be ok too, it’s full of liquid so there seems not to be any leaks.

67ia0056 67ia0055


The air-cleaner setup for the triple carburettors was a nice find. The closeups show the weird tubes going from one carburetor hole to another. I think it’s for the pressure equalisation the triplecarbs need.

It has only surface rust – a bit of sandplasting and new coat of paint should fix this. I’ll use it on the bullnose if it fits under the bonnet.

So, some usable stuff. Not a bad find.

2007-02-05 R.I.P – The ’66 is no more…

… but many of it’s parts will live to see the next day.
Especially the engine was a great find!

rip-70kb0057 rip-70jb0054

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  1. Ramiro Balcarcel

    Would like to know details of Saab Std 3 carburetors carbs, especially the diameter of the 3, chiclers and air jets
    I have the original manual anthers of 1 carburetor model and I have no data from 1966 3 carburetors

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