Saab 96 Rally 1969 – project advancing

The 1969 Saab 96 V4 “Rally” I bought a few years back (is it that long already…?) is advancing. The corrosion repairs are underway again.

The car is in bad shape and many of the original pieces are missing – like the original engine and gearbox for example.

I have a spare engine, a 1.7 litre crankshaft, UK type crossflow intake and carburetors, as well as a  “folk-race” gearbox (with a short 2nd and 4th).

Also the dark gray 1969 type dash is missing (with most of the interior) but I have one of those…

So – all in all – I think I can cook something up and make a fun (and relatively cheap) car for having some fun at the Saab Club track days… 🙂

Just a few photos:

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