Spare engine for the two-stroke

I’m still planning to drive the two-stroke to the Saab Festival in Trollhättan this summer. But I am just a little concerned about the fact that the rebuilt engine may turn out to be less than reliable. Especially since I have only been able to do very limited testing. And I probably will not have enough time to do a decent amount of miles before the trip either…

Well – how to solve the problem and give myself some peace of mind? Let’s build a second engine and throw it in the trunk for the trip… 🙂

I do have a couple of spare ’66 engines and cylinder blocks. I began by rummaging through the spares and collected pretty much everything I needed. Basically I do not need the carburetors and intake, starter or generator – so I will leave those off. If the worst comes to worse and the current engine fails I can get the auxiliaries from it.

Here’s some photos of what I found and what I already got done:

The spare engine doesn’t weigh that much and if worse comes to worse I can even replace it by myself pretty much anywhere with a few tools.

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