Saab 96 two stroke project. Part 1.


This is my other Saab-project – A Saab 96, 1964
(The last year this shorter “bullnose” model was made).

It has an 841 cc, 3 cylinder, two stroke engine, that produces 38 hp as stock. (I have plans on spicing it up a bit though…)

Unfortunately the engine on my car is pretty much shot, so I’m currently hunting for the parts to start renovating it.

The project has been progressing quite slowly, because I haven’t had the time and place to do it. Now it’s picking up pace again, so hopefully I get it finished some time.



The interior is pretty complete, but the front seats are a mess.

Here’s a few shots after dismantling. Some welding has already been done at this stage, but it’s still VERY early days on the way to recovery…





  1. le marly dans le moteur V4
    verser une dose de 40cc par litre d’huile dans le carter à chaque
    vidange miscible à toute les huiles moteurs diminue le frottement
    augmente la résistance du film d’huile j’ai souvez ma Saab96

    raymond busschaert 110 Verdun 62610 Ardres France Tf 0321975630

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