Saab 96 V4 Rally – paint

Painting a few bits and pieces:


  1. Hello Tommi, the rally car is looking great. that is going to be a killer looking Rally car, it looks so good that at race time, the other racers will assume you have already won the race before it even starts. Congratulations again on a great looking Rally car. If you have time , in private post, explain the “fly-off handbrake modification and it’s purpose. Looking forward to your next post. Bill…Cheers

    • Tommi Järvinen

      Hi Bill,

      In the 96 when you pull the parking brake on you have to release it by pushing the button on the stick. Fly-off means that the parking brake doesn’t lock in the on-position. So for example in a tight hairpin curve you just yank the handbrake to brake the grip on the rear wheels and let go of the lever. Modern rally and rallycross cars usually have a hydraulic handbrake and also a regular parking brake.

      The modification is just a few holes and a pin that keeps the parking brake from locking = fly-off. Here in Finland the hydraulic fly-off handbrake is not street legal. By removing the pin the parking brake functions as normal (and is legal) and the car passes the yearly inspections. So the “pin mod” is only for track.


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