Saab 96 V4 Rally – a slight delay and some protection for the carburettors

I haven’t written in a while since we hit a little speed bump with the Saab 96 V4 Rally some weeks ago.

When I started to put the heads together I found out I had received only seven heavy-duty valve springs! I contacted classicsaabracing about the problem and they promised to sent a new valve spring my way. Unfortunately it was not the correct type. I notified classicsaabracing about the problem and they promised to try to find the correct spring. But, as it turned out, the correct spring was not to be found at this time (they didn’t have any of the type I had), and the decided to send me a complete new batch of springs.

So, at the moment I’m waiting for the postal services to do their job. There’s not a whole lot I can do before I can put the heads in.

We did mock-up the engine though to build a little rollcage to protect the carburetors. A few pictures of it below.

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  1. Tommi, Again I am totally impressed with the intake manifold setup. I have not seen that type of manifold around here, but there are many places I should visit. I do like the dual side draft Weber’s. that should to a good job of increasing the power. Winter has arrived here, down to 21 tonight. A ;little too cold to work in the unheated garage. I must change that ASAP.. Keep up the great work, and as always I lookm forward to your next posting. Sincerely, Bill Frenette..,USA

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