Rare Playwell Saab 900 and 99 on eBay.de

There’s two very rare Saab toys on sale at the German eBay: http://cgi.ebay.de/PLAYWELL-1-20-Saab-900-Turbo-silver-Racing-Champion-/230619772640?pt=Spielzeugautos&hash=item35b20276e0 http://cgi.ebay.de/PLAYWELL-1-20-Saab-99-GL-Combi-Coupe-Rally-cream-/230619772830?pt=Spielzeugautos&hash=item35b202779e Check them out if you are interested.

Champion Rally Cars – Saab 96 V4

A “collector series” of classic rally cars has been published here in Finland this year. It looks like it’s a British company behind the series (www.eaglemoss.co.uk), the international marketing name appears to be “Champion Rally Cars” and in Finland “Mestareiden ralliautot” (Cars Of The Rally Champions). The packaging looks nice …

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