Champion Rally Cars – Saab 96 V4

A “collector series” of classic rally cars has been published here in Finland this year. It looks like it’s a British company behind the series (, the international marketing name appears to be “Champion Rally Cars” and in Finland “Mestareiden ralliautot” (Cars Of The Rally Champions).

The packaging looks nice and the model comes with a little 16 page brochure about the car in question. I have not bought any of the other models but decided to get the Saab 96 V4  “S.Blomqvist – A.Hertz” when it came availlable. The model is not of the highest quality but decend for the price. Actually, it looks to me that it is the same model that has been sold as the IXO Models Saab 96 V4 “S.Blomqvist – A.Hertz. Swedish Rally 1972″.

“Backissues” of the series can be bought at: (In Finnish only)

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