Ditch light for the two-stroke

A ditch light for the two-stroke.
A ditch light for the two-stroke.

I wrote earlier that I put a fog light on the two-stroke. Actually I think the technically correct name for it is a ditch light. (And I remembered the brand wrong – It’s Johnson, not Marchall).

A ditch light is basically a driving light aimed at the right side of the road (the ditch side) and it has a black built-in honeycomb mesh that narrows the beam significantly. The idea is to illuminate anything by the side of the road (like pedestrians or animals) but not to shine too brightly at the oncoming traffic. In Finland you can use them on any car manufactured 1971 or earlier.

Well, I installed the light earlier but didn’t have time to do the electrics. I sorted those out today. Here’s some pictures:


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