Painting The Body

Finally – The 99 Turbo is now in paint!

Painting in a home made booth does have challenges. One of the biggest is not enough light. Real paint booths have large light panels for a reason – to see what the hell you are doing! 😀

Despite the many lights I had it’s just not the same. When the paint fog gets in the air it gets darker and it was actually really hard to see what you are doing. To get a good result you really need to see how and how much paint is coming out of the nozzle and how it’s being deposited on the surface. With poor lights it’s like shooting yourself in the leg.

So – considering the conditions I’m pretty happy with the results but of course there is also a lot of room for improvement.


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  1. richard routt

    Hi Tommi
    Great website. I live in Oregon in the USA ands I just recently bought a 1968 V4
    Deluxe 96. I plan on driving it for a while before I do any real serious work. I noticed the shocks appear to be original. I have used KYB on many cars and really like them. Oddly there arent any listings for the 1968 or 69 Saab. I talked to KYB and they say that they dont make a shock for 68 and 69. Why are those 2 years different? I would like something better than stock but don’t really want to invest a huge amount of money in a super performance item at this time. Do you have any suggestions of what would work and where to find them.



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