99 Turbo suspension

After the car was painted it was time to start putting some parts on the body shell. First job was to install the suspension components.


  1. Andy M

    I have just read this from start to finish (while I should have been working!). Inspirational work, totally stunning. I wish I had your skills, and garage. Can’t wait for the next installment. It is hard enough doing the work but extra special that you are taking pictures and logging your progress. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  2. Anthony Frost

    Is there a Scandinavian supplier for the Inca Alloys?


    Or original-refurbished

    Or “ something-else”???

    Just wondering as I cannot locate any in the UK

    • Tommi Järvinen

      Hi Anthony!

      Incas are not that rare but finding NOS is probably near impossible. Used sets come up for sale pretty often on Facebook Saab groups. Posting a wanted-listing on some of those should do the trick.

      If there is no major damage they are easy enough to have media blasted and powder coated.


  3. martin huizinga

    weet u waar ik aan een set veren kom voor de 99 turbo weet u een set te koop wil graag de originele set rood kopen voor en achter alvast bedankt mvg. Martin

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