Part 36. Generator-waterpump combo

Fixing the waterpump-generator-combo.

The waterpump-generator-system of the bullnose is now fixed even though it will not be used on the car (as it will have the 1966 engine with separate waterpump and alternator).

The best parts from two or three combos were used to make one that works fully. Also some new parts like bearings etc.

The one important thing to remember is that the seal between the waterpump and the generator is WATER LUBRICATED. So if you test the alternator when the water pump is dry, you will burn the seal and most likely destroy the generator later because water will get through the burnt seal.






  1. Johan Enkhorst

    Hi Tommi, Just leaving a message telling you I was stunned by the site, site content and the clear pictures. You explained a few details I was desperate searching for. So, many thanks for that! Your site is an inspiration for me, trying to do as much as I can myself restoring my 1959 Saab 93B de Luxe and my 1964 96 Sport later on. If you like, have a peek at those sweet holy smokers at: .

    Are you coming in August to the International SAAB meeting in the Netherlands? I am attending on Saturday only, because have some obligations elsewhere.

    Keep on SAABing!

    • admin

      Hi Johan, thanks for the for the comments! Nice that you found something useful on the site. You have very nice cars yourself. A 93 is something of a dream of mine, and I definitely hope to get one some day.

      Unfortunately I can’t attend the international meet this year, I’m pretty tied up at home. But maybe next year and ofcourse since the 2011 meeting is in Finland I believe I’ll be there 🙂

  2. Bruce Henry

    Tommi, do you know where I can get a water pump for a 1963 saab 96. My aluminum castings where the hose attach are all corroded away.

    thanks, Bruce Henry

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