Winter’s over!


OK. The winter break is over and it’s time to continue the project.

It hasn’t been completely dead though, I’ve managed to find time to do a little bit stuff…


The 900i has turned out to be a very nice car. No technical problems (yet) – even though it has some 360 000 km under the belt.

The only real problem was the saggy headliner – it had to be sorted. I put a note on the Saabclub board that I wanted to buy one and actually got a call the same day.

Well, the headliner cost 30€ but there was a catch… I had to take the car with it. 😀



So, I had to dismantle the car which took a few days. It looks bad in the pictures, but actually I got a lot of very good parts from it. Especially the lights were very good. But I also took the bumpers, gearbox, steering, some electronics, interior bits and pieces.

All in all many boxes of parts for 30€. And I already sold the opening rear side windows for 40€, so… Not a bad buy.

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