Part 5. Standard longnose engine

The “spare parts” engine (standard longnose engine) before cleaning (Thanks to Pentti Kostamo for this and other parts!).


As I took it apart, I noticed it was in good condition (but dirty). I decided to fix it (a few problems with the carburetor, some missing parts) and use it.

Now I actually have an engine to run the car with while I build the “Sport” engine with trible carburetor. And a backup engine if something happens to the sport.


Here’s the engine block (with cylinder head and exhaust manifold) after disassembly and cleaning. No accessories attached at this point.


As the car is not going to be historically correct, I didn’t make a fuss about getting all the colours right. The engine block was green originally (some of it was still left) so I chose a similar colour, but it’s not a 100% correct hue.

block-green-1 block-green-2

The engine block was painted old green, attachment irons and exhaust manifold were painted black (temperature resistant paint).


Flywheel and clutch:
saab-96-flywheel saab-96-clutch

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