Part 46. Filler paint

Filler time!

It’s starting to look like the body will get it’s color this summer!

I’ve sprayed the filler yesterday and today. I put on about six coats on the roof (to have plenty of the stuff to work with) and three on the sides depending on how uneven the surface looked. And two coats in the engine bay.

Some photos:

The area under the window frame was somewhat pitted – it was solved by spraying on a couple of heavy coats of filler. So when it’s sanded the area will be smooth.


The sides look promising…




I put some body sealer on the seams in the engine bay. Hopefully that will give some protection against corrosion.

I had to wait for a week for the stuff to dry before painting over it though! It propably would have been worthwhile to buy some professional sealer instead of the cheap stuff…

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