Saab 96 Rally – Fuel pump upgrade

The car needs a fuel pump upgrade. The V4 original will not do with dual Webers… 😀

You could ofcourse just go to a store and buy a bigger and better fuel pump. But, as this is something of a budget build we decided to go with what we had. And we have a lot of Mitsubishi in-tank pumps… Used, but in good condition. So we went on to fit one of those in the regular V4 fuel tank.

I need to use a fuel pressure regulator to reduce the pressure of the Mitsubishi unit from 38 psi (2.6 bar) to around 4 psi suitable for the Weber 45s. I have this old Malpassi fuel pressure regulator that I hope will do the trick. But if it doesn’t a suitable regulator is not very expensive.

Here’s how we fitted the Mitsubishi pump:

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