Saab 99 Turbo part 10- Corrosion repair almost done

The corrosion repair on the 99 Turbo is finally almost done.

Basically what’s left to do is fixing the driver side door. The “good” doors I had turned out to be not so good… The passenger side door needed just a few patches but the driver side door needs to be re-skinned. More on that later.

So – it’s starting to look like the car will be in primer before the spring!

Some photos of the progress since last post.


  1. Nabeel

    Hi Tommi I am very much interested in buying the Saab 99 Turbo, I know you are restoring the complete car from reading the blog and to you it should hold a lot of sentimental value.

    If you are by any chance willing to sell after the completion of the project please do let know as I would like to gift it to my Father.

    By the way Great work and a Great Project you have taken up. It brings life to us enthusiasts of classic cars.

    Best of Regards

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