The winter is here…

I have finally realised a dream of mine… Until now I have rented a small garage space for my Saabs. It had no heating which pretty much meant that all projects were on hold during the winter (for about 4 to 5 months a year!).

This fall I decided to fix that issue once and for all – and bought myself a new garage space. Not huge but it will house my cars and leave room for working on them also. And it’s warm!

Today we moved in some stuff from the old garage. And even though the weather was not the nicest I decided to drive the ’64 stroker over also. The winter tyres I had for the stroker are way old (20 years) Nokias with studs –  but they did the job. But I really need to get some rally studs and take the car on an ice track some day. It’s just such a hoot to drive on ice and snow. The stroker is so much more balanced on snow than a V4. Very easy to drive in a controlled slide 😀

Too bad there was no room on the hall yard to throw it around properly (and safely). And the tyres were way too slippery to get the speed up so unfortunately the video is not very exciting… I promise to make a better one if and when I get some rally studs. Although – my bank account is pretty much drained right now – buying garage space is not cheap!

A short clip and some photos:

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